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Close Friends 21st dec 2021 - 21st Jan 2022

Close Friends 21st dec 2021 - 21st Jan 2022

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Jabez Makawe close friends list 21st dec 2021 - 21st Jan 2022

This is your opportunity to Join the @Jabezmakawe instagram close friends list for 1 month.

where I will be giving away the behind the scenes information that’s makes this possible.

I want to help you reconfigure your mindset and move from scarcity to abundance.

It’s very possible for us barbers to work less and get paid more.

Barbering doesn’t have to be a grind.

The initial trail will last for one month from December 5th to Jan 5th.

If all goes well this will become a monthly subscription which renews every month.

The price for the first month will be a one off payment of $70 the same price I now charge for a haircut.

I don’t want to waste my time trying to help those that don’t believe in themselves and aren’t ready to invest in their future.

As a bonus on Christmas Day I will choose one lucky person from the close friends list to win a full day of 1 on 1 education with me here at Jabez Makawe studio.

December Close friends list will be on sale Sunday 5 dec 7pm.

This opportunity will be strictly limited to 100 spots and it ain’t for everybody it’s only for those barbers that want to make 100k plus per year.

Will you spend $70 to make an extra 20-30 grand per year?

Or save $70 to lose 20-30 grand per year???